Escape The Fate - Dying Is Your Latest Fashion

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 6, 2007, by Smeagol.


(Epitaph Records)

After releasing the largest selling debut EP in Epitaph Records history (that's a big history!) with "There's No Sympathy For The Dead" Escape The Fate undoubtedly had a lot of pressure to follow up that success with something huge for their Epitaph debut. Well, let's just say they did and they didn't. "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion" is the perfect follow up to the previously mentioned EP, and the bands growing fanbase will most likely eat up every chord, solo, and strained high note like it was cheese on crackers. Featuring big guitars and even bigger hair, there's a lot less 80's metal and a lot more pop punk than the bands' cutoff Iron Maiden shirts would suggest. Besides the grand guitar solos that occasionally creep onto the record and a few noteworthy vocal harmonies, there's not a lot that would displace ETF from the ever broadening sing-scream repeat genre they fit so nicely into. With guttural growls and screams placed intermittenly throughout, you can't help but roll your eyes at the grossly out of place breakdowns that come out of nowhere to serve what seems to be no real purpose in the overall sound of the album. But, these boys aren't talentless hacks and there is definite ability beneath all that hair dye and eyeliner, unfortunately it would probably best serve them in a Guns 'N' Roses cover band or something.


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