Echoes, Leading the Hardcore Scene (hardcore)

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 28, 2011, by Dave Scotford

Genre: Hardcore;

Yet another band that are leading the way in the Hardcore world; Echoes formed in the late Summer of 2010 and since then have been making quite an impression.

With most music I hear I worry about bands being able to match the recordings on a live stage. Something tells me Echoes won't have a problem at all. That's not saying their recordings are poor, far from it, they're tingling with a raw passion, a fighting spirit and a kicking heartbeat. I'm longing to see them live; I can only imagine the whole rooms' mosh rotating in slow motion...

These guys have the two dynamics sown up really well; the melodic screams with the really rather bloody brilliant clean vocals... perfectly timed breakdowns too. God this is good. This kind of music normally isn't my kind of thing but I can't help but fall for it - no matter how hard I try not to. It's as if the Scremo world has grown up a bit and found a new dignity, a new soul.

Their new album 'Transitions' is available as a free download on BandCamp ( For me the stand out track has to be ‘Constantly Drifting‘. It sums the whole album up, shows off what the guys can do and just how bloody well they do it. Their genre might not be typically mainstream but ‘Constantly Drifting’ could happily slip in anywhere. Everything fits into place, nothing in there is added faff; it’s stunningly raw.

Hadley Keenan (local promoter) wrote: "Encompassing an insane amount of musical maturity and patience for a new band, Echoes craft out perfect, sweeping soundscapes that is a must see for fans of Devil Sold His Soul, Bossk and Rinoa."

In an over-saturated metal scene Echoes are really starting to stand out and make a name for themselves and it’s not hard to see why. Their image and design work is second to none. The South has another artist that it can be proud of!

There’s not too much actual information about the band floating around on the web. I guess that’s letting the public get their own impression from the music, rather than a band telling them what they should think.

To find out more about Echoes then check out their website at:



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