Doctor Octopus - This Time We Fight

Written by Josh Snider

Posted Sep 21, 2007, by Josh Snider.

I saw Dr. Octopus at De Piazzas in Long Beach, CA along with The Guilty Parties, and Chase Long Beach, who I was at the show for. Dr. O kept me dancing thru their whole set weather it was stomping my feet, nodding my head, and patting drum beats on my legs.

They put me in the zone and I knew I had to get a copy of their CD. The band is from Australia, but when they are touring, I recommend you go see them, you'll probably see me. So I got this CD and it was exactly what I expected. They are a ska band but with more of a pop-punk feel to them. They have a female lead singer and a synthesizer that adds another depth to their sound. If you want up-beat music that will keep you going, than get this album.



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