Danielle Oliver

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Posted Sep 14, 2007, by Meesh!.

Whats your myspace link or any other link you want to give us?
www.myspace.com/danielleoliver my EPK is at www.sonicbids.com/danielleoliver

Who are you and where are you all from?
Currently, I am playing solo acoustic shows and writing more originals! I am from Whitefish, Montana, and beautiful ski town near Glacier National Park.

How was your band formed?
so far "I" was formed through a lot of piano lessons, family musicians, and drive to speak my mind and passions:) I may be forming a live gigging band soon.

What band has influenced you the most?
That's a hard one...I'd have to say Jewel...no Tori Amos.

What do you try to have people get out of your music?
I love people and think that humans need to start caring about themselves and their souls and bodies...sometimes I simply want to share an emotion to the audience through a song that they can identify with like in "Marks". Other times, I'm trying to get people to think! for themselves! In "Adrienne" I speak about a girl's loss of innocence which is "rite of passage" type theme that I've found in a couple of my originals.

What inspries your lyrics? What are they all about?
love, loss ("beautiful listening" is about my dad's death a few years ago), realizing the inner person in all of us and learning how to listen to him or her, being un-influenced by the world, girls standing up for themselves and their bodies, being real in a world that sometimes feels so fake and heartless one feels lost. My experiences inspire my songs most. (dad's death, breakups, new cities, living experiences, heartache, and right now new love:)

What makes you different from other musicians out there?
I've really stayed true to my style and genre. I haven't "succumbed" to writing simple-minded pop. I would have to say my music is more intelligent alternative. I was a creative writing major in college and I can't help but sneek in metaphors and alliteration sometimes. haha. I love making people think and discover new things each time they hear one of my songs over again. Also, most bands right now promote promiscuity in some fashion. I don't. I also had classical voice training, so I like to think that's one of my best qualities.

Have a CD out? How can we get it?
I have so much material, but right now I am working on a debut album. soon:) best to visit myspace or see me live!

If you could play with an popular band out there, who?
Tor Amos

If you could give advice to a starting band or musician, what would you say?
Oh boy. Um, promote, a lot. grow a tough skin. LA is so superficial and there is so much art to choose from. find a niche and an audience that you appeal to.

Got any crazy or wild stories youd like to share?
In february, I was driving back to my house in Montana from Banff in a blizzard, drove off the road, and rolled my car:( I was ok, but without any cell service and any drive-byers, I had to crawl out the back window and climb up to the road until someone came by. totaled my car. I do believe in angels

Do you have any upcoming shows?
Oct. 9th at 10pm at Jimmy's Acoustic Courtyard! info at my myspace.

What do you think about UFOs?
I'm kinda scared of em. blue, green, yellow. All of them. heard they can be orange too.

Whats your view on the war going on today?
I'm from montana,and I'm in no way as liberal as many artists, but I don't feel that the war on iraq is greatly beneficial... I think we're in a tough spot right now and I have mixed feelings. I don't think it was the answer to start with. I also am a strong believer and supporter of our troops.

What were some of your favorite bands growing up?
my mother is Ausrian and filled our home with opera and strauss. My dad wasn't as big into music except for john denver, johnny cash, cat stevens...I grew up on classical music. Later I investigated music myself. I liked alanis and third eye blind and sheryl crow

What do you think of Big Smile Magazine?
You all seem awsome! I am really happy to be doing this interview

Anything else you want to say to fans or anyone reading this interview? support local music and expand your musical horizons beyond the mainstream.

Thanks! =]

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