DangerDoom - The Mouse and The Mask

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Oct 9, 2007, by Rybread.


The mouse and the mask, combines the likes of artist/producer Danger Mouse and everyone’s favorite superhero and mc, MF Doom. If you watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, you may have been lucky enough to hear a few beats produced by Mouse and Doom. Because they’re affiliated with Adult Swim, characters of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Space Ghost make guest appearances on a few tracks! And yes, it’s funny!
Anyways, MF Doom is a great lyricist and poet. His wordplay is playful and straight to the point, often making funny references that you’d actually understand. Doom’s lyrics can get deep, and that’s where Mouse comes in. His beats reflect the stories and tales Doom attempts to portray in each song perfectly. Its almost like you’re listening to a cartoon show! Guest appearances by Cee-lo, Ghostface killa and Talib Kweli show you that big time names actually respect DangerDoom’s work. If you’re tired of listening to radio hip hop and enjoy wild and wacky lyrics, up-tempo beats, and basically a good listen every time I honestly think you should pick up this album. Adult Swim fans unite!!

Track List:
1. El Chupe Nibre 12. Vats Of Urine
2. Sofa King 13. Space Ho’s
3. The Mask Ft. Ghostface Killa 14. Bada Bing
4. Perfect Hair
5. Benzie Box Ft. Cee-Lo
6. Old School Ft. Tailb Kweli
7. A.T.H.F.
8. Basket Case
9. No Names
10. Crosshairs
11. Mince Meat

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