COP, Dogends, Tipper's Gore, 5-19-07

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COP, Dogends, Tipper's Gore, 5-19-07 at Mike's House
Posted May 22, 2007, by I Shot Chad.


For those who believe punk rock is dead, I bring great news…It is ALIVE!! Sure, the golden age of hardcore punk of the early 80’s is dead and will never come back, but if you are willing to dig deep enough, you will find that the youth of today are resorting to the old school roots again, playing loud, fast and angry music, mostly about skateboarding and the inner workings of an adolescent mind. I went to a garage show this weekend and thought I had stepped back into time. I imagine that this is what being a hardcore kid in the 80’s was like. Bands playing in the garage, kids skateboarding out front and a wasted guy passed out in the ivy. Good times! I wish there was a scene like this when I was in high school. If anyone wants to reminisce or see what hardcore is about or want to hear how hardcore was meant to be played, you need to checkout these bands.


The first band I watched was C.O.P. (Citizens On Patrol). One word, Skatecore. These kids love two things, punk music and skateboarding. And they are good at both. The band has a brother duo, Nick on guitar and Josh on vocals. Nick has also played with Dr. Know and is currently playing with Bad Reaction as well as COP. Their dad drives the band to their shows and has as much fun as his kids do.

The next band was Dogends. They consider themselves Fatcore and have an appropriate song called, “Fat Kids.” They too like to skate and of course sing about it. They also help promote fat kid hardcore by throwing out Twinkies to the crowd. Short and fast songs, the way it was meant to be played.


The next band was Tipper’s Gore. If you have not heard these guys yet, get on myspace right now and look them up. They are amazing, especially live. Lots of angst and energy, the fathers of hardcore would be proud. So much so, that even when the mic cord snapped due to moshing, Davey (vocals) got the whole crowd to sing along to “Don’t Sell Me God” using a street cone as a megaphone. An amazing band, check them out.

Long live good hardcore!!

Take care and God Bless!

Chad “the Flash” Sengstock

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