Cease and Desist - Manilow

Written by Sky Fisher

Band – Manilow
Album – Cease and Desist EP

Though Manilow have apparently gathered quite a following in London for their great live show, Cease and Desist is the first opportunity the rest of us have had to listen to this post punk band.

The EP consists of only five songs and nothing is held back. No fairy tales on this album – like a true punk album it's full only of songs about real life and, well, we know that's not always happy.

My favorite track on the album is also the shortest - “Control Issues”. With lyrics like “Stop talking about the things you want, start thinking about the things you do need”, it was the one song that truly stood out on the album and the first I would recommend listening to. The opening track, “Missing”, is also worth listening to.

Cease and Desist is, I'm sure, only the beginning of what is to come from Manilow. It's a small introduction and I'm looking forward to seeing more in the future.

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