Blackmarket, Delta Spirit, Vedera, 5-15-07

Written by Big Smile Staff

Blackmarket, Delta Spirit, Vedera, 5-15-07 at Chain Reaction
Posted May 22, 2007, by I Shot Chad.


I went to this show because Dear and the Headlights were supposed to play and they are amazing. Needless to say, I was really bummed when I got to Chain Reaction and found out that the singer of Dear and the Headlights was sick, so they cancelled. I was ready to just go home. I had never heard of the other bands playing, so I thought I would just go home and watch a movie. But Andy (Chain Reaction booking guy) assured me that the bands playing were amazing, so I stayed. I was really glad I did.


The first band was Blackmarket. They are a good rock outfit from Arizona. They put on a very energetic show and were very entertaining. You should definitely look them up and keep an eye for them.


The next band was Delta Spirit. UNBELIEVABLE! They play rock but with a blues/soul/folk influence. Fans of Cold War Kids would love these guys. Their set was full of energy which spread out into the crowd. I saw people dancing to every song. Not bad for a band that had a 4 hour notice about playing the show to fill in for the missing Dear and the Headlights. I bought these guys’ EP and have listened to it several times already. If you want to hear good music and have a good time at a show, go see these guys.

Take care and God Bless!

Chad “the Flash” Sengstock

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