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Written by Jonny Havoc

Banter Biscuit
Posted Feb 5, 2009.

When did Banter Biscuit start and how did you come up with the name?
The idea for Banter Biscuit came to us one night while we were watching the Bourne Ultimatum. Someone brought up the fact that Batman could lay out Bourne, and the room just kinda erupted. After an hour or so of debating we realized that there have got to be other people doing the same thing, and Banter Biscuit was born. Although, the name took us a few days. We basically sat down with the same group of people from the first night, and we said “We need a name for this,” and after toying with the word “Banter” for about an hour, our friend Ryan just shouted out “BANTER BISCUIT!” and we loved it.

What are some of your guys goals with BB for the future?

The main goal for Banter is to create a forum that is able to reach all of the comic, movie and video game fans of the world. In the future we hope to actually create an entire internet webshow network with a variety of shows. And we’re always looking for ideas.

I hear you guys are going to Wondercon In SF, What do you expect to achieve from that?

We basically want to be able to see our “people” in person. There is really no better way to describe who we want visiting our site then the people who attend Wondercon and Comic-con. We want to get out there ask them questions, show them the videos, and get them involved. We know they are talking about the same issues and we want them to know that we are here to give them a place to share their thoughts with the world.

Anyone you guys are excited to see there?

We’re always excited to see DC Comics, G4 TV, Dark Horse, but really there are so many people going to be there, we’re excited to see everyone. And I hear Geoff is really excited to meet the Suicide Girls. ☺

Now, I have a few questions about the 3 episodes you guys have, Where do you get the ideas to debate on the subjects such as Star Destroyer vs. U.S.S. Enterprise, Iron Man vs. Mega Man, and Gandalf vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi?

We owe a lot of thanks to our debaters for these ideas. A lot of the time we just sit down and ask ourselves who would we like to see in a fight, or which two characters are pretty evenly matched, but after a while you keep coming up with the same ideas. So we turn to our debaters and our forum users.

Before a debate, how do you guys prepare for the verbal battle?

In reality the preparation for a debate takes place over one week. Every Monday we decide on our topic for the next debate, randomly pull out names for who will be debating, and we let everyone know. Then the debaters have that whole week to do research.

About how often do you guys produce a new episode?

We generally film every Saturday, but once every few weeks we take a break from filming and spend the entire day editing with the crew.

Anything that you would like to say to your fans or new fans reading this interview?

We want to invite anyone who would like to be a debater on Banter Biscuit to shoot us a line on our site and we will make it happen. The more diversity and knowledge we have on the show will only make it more entertaining.

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