AWOLNATION show review

Written by tycyphert

I feel bad that it has taken me so long to finally finish this show review. Part of the problem is that I am an expert procrastinator; the other part was that it was such an amazing show that every time I wrote something down it seemed incredibly lame compared the experience.


The first act was an up and coming rapper, Zeale. He did a great job. He had the stage presence of a much more seasoned performer and had the crowd's attention from the second he stepped on stage. His music lives up to his personality. His lyrics have a substance that is lacking in the repetitive bullshit that is passed off as "popular" rap/hip-hop lately. I definitely recommend checking some of his stuff out on YouTube, and don't pass up the chance to see him live. You can be one of the cool kids that saw him before he was famous.


The next act was an alt rock group out of Vegas called Imagine Dragons. I've heard a few of their songs on the local radio including "Radioactive" and "It's Time". Unfortunately the lead singer had a cold and almost canceled the show. Even feeling under the weather they put on a great show. It's cool when you can tell a band really loves performing, and they seemed almost as excited to play for us as we were to see them.


The headliner was AWOLNATION. This is a group I've been listening to for a couple of years, and the reason I really wanted to write a review for this show (also the reason I have been having such a hard time writing it). They blew my mind. They sounded great and had the audience by the balls (tits?) the whole time. For a couple songs the crowd was so into it I was legitimately starting to worry about the floor collapsing under the sold out crowd. My only complaint was that the music over powered the lyrics to a point where it took me a while to recognize what song they were playing.

One of the things I like about AWOLNATION is how diverse their music is and this was a theme to the whole show. With the opening act being a rapper, to the alt rock group Imagine Dragons then the crazy dance/electronic rock sound of AWOLNATION. On stage Aaron Bruno even said how they are into all types of music and don't want to stick to a specific genre.

Great song by Zeale and an amazing video. Good example of what I mean by substance. It's a pretty accurate commentary on how fucked up this world is.

This is a cool collaboration between Zeale and AWOLNATION. "Zeale alcohol and weed, the holy trinity" I love it

Live performance by ALWOLNATION. I hope you can feel the awesome.

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