All American Rejects - Someday's Gone

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A review of the first single “Someday’s Gone” off the new album from The All-American Rejects.
Posted Dec 30, 2011, by Big Smile Magazine Official Writer Page.


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A review of the first single off the new album from The All-American Rejects


Joe Juliano.

It was the year 2003 and this new song debuted, burning up the charts from this no-

name band. The song was “Swing, Swing”. The band: The All-American Rejects.

“Swing, Swing” was a commercial success for the band and had a great alternative rock

band feel to it even though the rest of the album was more pop, punk - in a “first album

- trying to find ourself” sort of way. Overall the album was well received and people

hoped more would come and they’d not go the way of many “one hit wonders”.

More did come. Much more.

Fast forward eight years later, and we have a promotional song “Someday’s Gone” off

the upcoming untitled album due out March 27, 2012. This song has quickly climbed

the charts in my iTunes most played list.

The band has not only found themselves, but with every album there’s an entirely

different feel to the music. It’s never the same as before but it’s equally incredible.

“Someday’s Gone” is no different.

This single has the most rock feel to it that we’ve heard off an AAR song. Overall the

song is an instant classic in the alternative rock category. It starts out slow and mellow,

much like the last album (When The World Comes Down) but the bass strums in the

background at a faster tempo. After awhile, the rest of the band picks up the pace and

the songs goes into what it truly is: a heartfelt, outraged/disappointed, break-up rock


Some of the lyrics are pretty powerful, yet creatively visual - such as my favorite: “I fall

like a deadman out of the airplane”. The song ends with a repeat of “let it go”, but this is

one song I can’t stop replaying and it’s definitely a band I can’t let go of. You shouldn’t

either. The first single off the new album “Beekeeper’s Daughter” debuts in January.

Keep listening to your Alt/Rock stations and checking their website for updates.

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