Aiden @ Chain Reaction

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Sep 17, 2005, by E-GAD.

Featured Artists: Aiden; Genre: Hardcore;

It is about 9:00 pm and the Victory Records band Aiden is setting up for their show. Quick and professional is the only way I can describe their set up...they quite obviously knew what they where doing, which led me to think that they where probably going to put on a great show, and they did that and so much more, the presence they had was amazing, Wil (vocals) commands an audience much like someone would think napoleon commanded his army. The audience loved him, and he obviously loved the audience. Angel and Jake are one of the best pair of guitarists I have ever seen(live that is) they know what they are doing up there, their confidence, talent, and overwhelming presence was reminiscent of bands such as thrice, death by stereo, and my chemical romance. Just amazingly talented. The rhythm section which consists of Nick(bass) and Jake D(drums) was flawless. In and out of breakdowns and melodies with ease. Nick is quite a sight on stage. Jake D is a great drummer, punk beats into hardcore breakdowns with ease, quite the performer. It's easy to see how this young band got signed to Victory, their live show is amazing and they tour relentlessly and give 100% every time. I am quite excited to see what the future holds in store for this young band. Great Band, Great show, Enough said.



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