Written by Mary Dean

Posted Jul 5, 2006, by Mary Dean.


Genre: Metal;
Matt Carmichael - Vocals & Guitar
Jason Y - Guitar & Keyboard
Chase Whitney - Drums
Jason Jepsen - Bass

When & how did you form? Chase: Jason Y. and I, after a local show at Rush Park, were hanging out with a bunch of friends at Taco Bell. We got to discuss Cartel and Acceptance and their musical styles. After talking for a while, we decided that it would be cool to start pop-rock cover band with some friends. Subsequent to playing a show at Los Alamitos High School, we decided to turn this garage cover band into something real. We collaborated with our good friends, Matt Carmichael and Jason Jepsen and started working on our own material at the beginning of July. Since then, we have written, re-corded, produced, and promoted our first demo entitled, "The EP.”

What bands or people influence you? Jason Y: Cartel and New Found Glory are my favorite bands. But I also love The Spill Canvas, Silverstein, and some good old classic rock. Chase: Norma Jean, As I Lay Dying, Underoath, Cartel, Fall Out Boy, Acceptance, Haste The Day, and all of my friends. Matt: All time favorite is AFI, Cartel, Acceptance, Ryan Cabrera I don’t care what people say he is amazing, Jimmy Eat World, Saosin and Mae and many more. Jason J: As I Lay Dying, Underoath, Blink 182 (keep it old school), Converge, The Police, FRIENDS, Alkaline Trio, Norma Jean, Evergreen Terrace, Until The End, MXPX, Strung Out, Third Eye Blind, The Doors, etc....A WIDE VARIETY.

What are your shows usually like? Matt: shows are always fun cause you get to meet new people and new bands. I love that plus it’s a chance to go crazy on stage and people are like "What is he doing?" and your like "It’s the music, baby." And our merch guy will strip if you tip him well.

Do you feed of the energy of your fans? Chase: The more crowd participation, the more we rock out!

Do you have an album out? Jason Y: Yeah, our EP just came out on August 28th.

Where can everyone pick up one? Chase: All that information is on our myspace page. Matt: You can also get one at our shows or if you see us on the streets.

Who would you play a show with? Jason Y: My dream has always been to open up for New Found Glory. Matt: It would be awesome to open for AFI that would be the greatest show EVER. Jepsen: As I Lay Dying.

Are your friends & family supportive? Jason Y: My family has always been my biggest supporters in whatever I love doing so they deeply encourage me to follow my dreams and work hard. All of my friends are very supportive and we could never have gotten where we are without them. Matt: Parents have always been supportive through school, music and everything they are my best friends and my greatest fans no matter what.

What are the main things that your music is about? Matt: The Lyrics that I write are manly about life experiences that I feel everyone can relate to. I think if you can relate to the words in the songs then they mean that much more to you.

What do you want people to get out of your music? Jason Y: What you get out of music is personal and always differs from person to person. So I don't care what you get out of our long as it has some sort of meaning on a personal level. Chase: An enjoyable good time to share with everyone you know. We hope our music sends a positive message to everyone who listens. Matt: They should feel good about themselves cause everyone has scars and a past so don’t let drama get you down, live your life one day at a time. Jepsen: Just to enjoy music and the good tunes.

Why should anyone listen to your tunes? Jason Y: We worked really hard on our EP and it would be awesome x1000 if you would check us out.

What are your dreams for the band in the future? Chase: We hope to spread our fan base nationally and get picked up by a record label in the near future. Jepsen: Make music, Tour Non-stop and not have to work a 9-5 job.

What are your fans like? Jason Y: They're AMAZ-ING!!!! Seriously, we love you guys!!!! Matt: Fans are awesome we love all you guys and would do anything for you ANYTHING HAHA.

What do you want to say to your fans that are reading this? Jason Y: We love you guys so much for supporting us and listening to our music. You are part of the reason we are in a make music we love and hope that you love it too. We want you to feel the same way we do when we're playing our music for you all. Thank you so much!

What advice would you give to a band that is just forming? Jason Y: It takes a lot of hard work, late nights, and busy schedules to get your first songs written, completed, and perfected. But once you have it and people start to notice your achievement, it's the best feeling in the world. If you make music that you are completely satisfied with, then others will like it too. Don't give up on your dream. Chase: Don't give up. Not everyone who listens to your music, even if they like your influences, will like your sound.

How can we get merch? Jason Y: We're actually just starting to design our first couple t-shirts/hoodies so they should be available within the next month or two. Check our myspace for details.

Any crazy/funny times you'd like to share? Chase: Matt and I were down at target a week or so ago looking for a parking spot. Matt spotted around 3 girls walking to their car and told me to drive over next to them. Once we were side-by-side, Matt threw out a copy of "The EP" to them and yelled "CHECK IT OUT!! NEW MUSIC" and accidentally hit one of them in the arm. Much to our surprise, they stopped and picked it up! Jepsen: Jason always smiling like he just got laid. Matt always doing random stuff, that’s a crack up. Chase well um...just being a Whitney (inside joke)

Anyone that you'd like to thank? Jason Y: Everyone who believed in us! Chase: Jason summed it up well.

Any last thing you'd like to say? Jason Y: Thank you so much for interviewing us! It's been awesome. Chase: Thank you Big Smile for allowing us this opportunity. Check us out when you get the chance!! Hope to see you at a show soon! Take Care.

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