A.N.S., Tipper's Gore, La Piovra, The crawlers, C.

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Aug 2, 2007, by Will Gabriel.

This show was incredible. Most of the shows that I shot are at THE CLINIC but have never been this intense.The show opened up with a band called Critical Picnic. Theses guys weren't that great but had a very alive stage presence. Their basist would jump and roll around so much that he had to fix his strap between each song. The next band was a local garden grove band called C.O.P.(Citizens on Patrol). This kids look like they are only 15 or so but have made a stand in the world of underground punk. Everyone loved them and their front man is the funneist front man ive seen in a while.

There were 3 touring bands on this show and the first up was a group named The Crawlers from Oregon. These guys had a great sound that i think i loved the best out of the whole show. The combined more than just fast angry punk into their music. Up next was the local Tipperss Gore. A for sure good time. The front man controled the entire room! At the end of their set the drummer smashed his set by jumping all over it. It was a great ending. Up next in the touring bands was La Piovra all the way from Italy!! Great sound that could give you a hope for the underground scene of punk to return. Last but not least was the touring band from Texas, A.N.S. Their brutality and fast guitar riffs were unforgetable. If you love punk you will love this band!
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