5Boro's Join, Or Die (Skateboard Video)

Written by sketchydave

Company: 5Boro
Video: Join, or Die
Run Time: 24 minutes
To Start off the skateboard reviews I chose 5Boro's Join, Or Die video . This video truly takes the viewer into the east coast scene of skateboarding. Instead of just huge tricks throughout the whole video the 5Boro team shows skillful technical lines . The hard work of 5Boro's team pays off with an amazing video that you will want to watch to the end. You may also want to just put the DVD on repeat for the next day or two. The videography by Tombo Colabraro was definitely on point for this video, and helps support the raw talent demonstrated by the 5Boro team .Quick history listen for the readers! The title of this film was inspired by Benjamin Franklin who wrote the phrase first as a political cartoon of snake broken into eight pieces . This cartoon was a message to the colonists that if they joined together they would be strong. Likewise 5Boro is reaching out to the skate scene to join, or die ! It's obvious that they are willing to back the title through the talent they have on the team .
Join, or Die opens with Willy Akers fast paced skating . I wouldn't suggest blinking during his video part or you might miss something amazing . Not many skaters out there can put together grind to slide combo lines like Willy Akers.
Immediately following Willy Akers part Danny Falla will blow you away with his manual mastery . You see skaters skate manual pads all the time and ledges . But Dan takes it to a whole new level . If you watch his part you won't be disappointed!
Further into the video Kevin Rodrigues will make you hit that rewind button. Yes ! Kevin charges down a stair of sets that would turn most skaters into a rag doll , and near the end decides to 50-50 what looks to be some pieces of railroad tracks just thrown against the set . Kevin really shows off that east coast do it yourself feel .
Other skaters that will catch your include, but are not limited to.. Rob Gonyon
and his ability to clear a gap in style . Jimmy Mcdonald proving yes he does have a deep bag of tricks on just about any ledge or ban. Dan Pensyl skating jersey barriers like most skaters dream to . Near the end you'll get a taste of some pool skating from Tony Farmer. Then for the last full video part Joe Tookmanian will blow your mind by nose manual drop off you'll have to watch to believe .
Throughout the video though many skaters appear you might not be familiar with so here is a list of skaters in order who didn't have a full parts; Morgan Fabvre, Polo Allard, Jutix,Chris Blake, Dany Pitts, Dave Abair Tombo Colabraro, Steve Rodriguez, Mark Nardelli, Akira Ishizawa, Henrik Lund, Ed Driscol, Trace Saylor, Bryon Winfrey, Rafael Gomes
This video also end with a guest appearance from Lil Wayne encouraging you to Join, or Die . So go out and purchase Join,or Die from your local skate shop . This will be a great addition to any skaters DVD collection . By David Ethridge
Sound track list
A big thank you to www.skatevideosite.com for the track list.
Intro - Miles Davis - So what
Willy Akers - Bad Brains - House Of Suffering
Danny Falla - NAS - Halftime
Montage 1 - Billy Brooks - Forty Days
Guillaume Dulout - The Clash - Somebody Got Murdered
Montage 2 - Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck
Jimmy McDonald - Joy Division - Shadowplay
Dan Pensyl - Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing
Joe Tookmanian - The Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash
Credits - Gil Scott-Heron - New York City



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