Musical Dreams Coming True! Travis Bowlin Releases Long Awai

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From the Cincinnati, Ohio Boys Choir to a Rock n Roll Musicvox Guitar endorsement, Artist and Singer/Songwriter, Travis Bowlin, is ready to take career to the next level.

Nashville, TN (Feb 9, 2014) – Travis Bowlin, is pleased to announce the releasing of his musical single “Bad, Bad Man”, which was recorded at 16th Edge Studios on historic Music Row in Nashville, TN and produced by Nolan Neal.

Bad, Bad Man is a powerful rock song fronted by the Smooth, Soulful voice of Travis Bowlin. Written by Bowlin and Marla Sitten, the song reveals a story of a man with no other choice but to leave a woman and the pain it causes. With a great groove that will have you moving and holding the one you love tight, this is definitely a track you’ll want to stop and listen to. Bad, Bad Man will be released to the public for sale March 1, 2014 and will available through Bandcamp, iTunes and anywhere music is sold. 

“It’s a blues & rock n roll song, but hip…. A song that sounds like a one night stand, but is really about a guy leaving his steady girl to follow his dreams. It’s open for interpretation,” said Bowlin. “It’s a track that I am very proud of and believe people will truly enjoy.”

Along with “Bad, Bad Man” seven more songs will be recorded at 16th Edge Studios with Nolan Neal as the producer. When not recording, Travis continues to play regular tour dates and writes as many songs as he can with two national television debuts to air this year! Stay up to date by visiting

About Travis Bowlin:
Travis Bowlin was born into a family of true music lovers; not players, but real listeners. From Rock 'n Roll to Southern Gospel, Motown to Country, he listened to a wide range of Roots him the foundation for his powerful soul, rocky, but smooth blues voice. He grew up with struggles like most people do...knowing heartache & happiness. Those struggles form the words that come out in his music. His grandparents gave him a firm Christian side of life and his mother gave him the real side of life by saying, “Treat people good and everything will work out”, which Travis lives by today. Travis began singing at age eleven when a schoolteacher offered him an audition for the Cincinnati Boys Choir that specialized in the genres of gospel and choir music. Being part of this choir gave Travis many opportunities to perform at other venues such as Cincinnati Music Hall, Riverfront Stadium (Cincinnati Reds), and dozens more. Find out more at

About Nolan Neal/16th Edge Studios:
An actual Nashville native, Nolan Neal was born to carve out his own musical legacy with a father who was a professional drummer and a mother who made her living as a singer. At the age of eighteen, Nolan played his first big gig opening for Eddie Money to an audience of 10,000 people. Up until then, he found himself playing originals and covers for smaller crowds in coffee shops and pizza joints or for Nashville’s 2nd Avenue tourists. As luck would have it, a music producer heard Nolan one day and made some phone calls. As a result, Nolan found himself in Los Angeles signed to Hollywood Records in 2000. For the next few years, Nolan traveled the United States performing and writing with band members from Tonic, Saliva and ShineDown. In 2006, these opportunities led him to signing a publishing deal with Evan Lamburg at EMI and a record deal with Jason Flom at Virgin Records where he joined other artists such as Kid Rock, Matchbox 20 and Jewel. Find out more at

About MoonBeam Records:
MoonBeam Records is an independent record label helping break independent artists into the business by building integrated marketing/PR strategies based on data from multiple outlets as well as digital distribution to develop the artist “brand.” Find out more at

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