Leerone - Imaginary Biographies

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted May 15, 2008, by Bobby Bowers.

Genre: Indie;
Leerone's Imaginary Biographies is a musical cauldron of emotions, instruments, divine vocals that only she can stur to such a amazing mix that created this CD. Leerone's musical experimentation and soul rattling is truly shown in this CD. Imaginary Biographies is what Dresden Dolls would of made if they were raised in valleys and forest amongst the flowers(not saying this is a cheery cd, far from it at times.) It's truly hard to choose a favorite from the 11 tracks every song brings out some new emotions and thoughts; from what can only be explained as saddenning hope in the song "Life Could Be" to the Sunday drive at the beach happiness that "To Fill the Void" brings. So if your in the mood for some good old folk/indie/coffee house go to www.myspace.com/mynameisleerone and pick up her new cd and maybe some classics of hers too.



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