Cry Havoc (Hip-Hop/Punk)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Cry Havoc
Posted Aug 31, 2007.

Hi, J. Boogie, your the Singer for Cry Havoc and what's the names of the other guys in the band and what do they do?
Hey Jonny, the rest of my band mates are: Matty Grooves who plays guitar right, Feel Screams who plays guitar left and bg vox, Mikee STICKz on drums and Cxx Murder on bass

what are some of your shows coming up?
our next show coming up is this sunday night (aug 5th) at the glasshouse with Ignite. Then we got a "Brotherhood" show at Friar tucks in Pomona on Aug 18th

When did your band start? Have you been in any other bands before Cry Havoc was born?
Cry Havoc was born in 2004, prior to that, myself and Matt were in a band called Outtareach from 2000 till Cry Havoc. My original roots are berried in Hip Hop tho. I've been performing Hip Hop since i was 15 yrs old

How did you go from hip hop to a punk rock band?
I've always loved hip hop and punk equally from being a skater and a break-dancer since i was young. i got really bored rapping over beats, it was to predictable. once my hip hop group died, i decided to give my 2nd love a shot. punk rock. from then on it just grew
BigSmileMagazine: That's awesome.

Is their anywhere we can find some of your hip hop? old myspace That's still up?
myspace wasn't around when i use to rap, haha. that was a while back. i have a few old cassettes with some of my old stuff. and me and my old partner Foreknown have a you tube rap that we did about 2 years ago when i was on tour with Cry Havoc in AZ. It was just for fun. You can find it if you type in ZEBULUN on youtube.

What is your guys myspace and website?
it is, our website is still being developed, but its

So i see that you guys have a new EP out, could you tell me a little about that?
yup... we recorded it in 2 sessions, 3 songs each time. it was done at Eugenius Studio's in San Dimas (New Years Day, Home Grown, Sounds of Animals Fighting). We are proud of it. Its got the right chemistry we've been looking for...

well That's great to hear, when can i get it?
i can get you a copy. I can mail it to you, or there available at our Ignite show, or online =)

How many tours have Cry Havoc been on so far?
we've done quite a few "weekend" tours as we like to call it. we leave on a thursday and come back sunday. we've probably done about 10 of those, we've done a full 2 week tour also.

what do you guys do to keep your selves from getting to annoyed of each other?
on the road or in general?
on the road
awe man, on the road is when were the closest. this band is our family, we call ourselves the Cry Havoc Family a lot cause we love each other. I've never once gotten annoyed with my band on the road, its hard to get annoyed when your driving with your 5 best friends (jack daniels comes too) on your way to play out of state. It sounds fake, but its the honest truth. we always come back a little closer

What do your two kids think about you being in a band?
they love it... they come to a lot of my shows when its all ages (mikee just called and said "what's up"). i had a CRAZY youth man, this band and those kids saved my life... That's great to hear, and next time im at one of your shows make sure you introduce me to your little guys!
will do!

You guys have made it pretty far as a band, could you tell me any secrets to promoting that got you to where you guys are now?
hmm secrets... well to be honest, we run this band as a business. YES we LOVE music, but we do want to make a career out of this, and we don't rely on record labels to make it happen. We've teamed up with HRLM Ent as our new manager, and they got it together. They help with our new merch line coming out, and getting our name out there. If you divided a band into percentages, we spend about 50% networking and promoting, about 35% practicing and the remaining 15% on shows. Shows are the icing on the cake, but being in a successful band is more then a 45 min set ya know

yes as much as a band is fun you do have to take it a little serious sometimes...
oh for sure

what were some of your favorite bands growing up?
punk bands were pennywise, green day, bad religion and nofx. i also got into a lot of tooth and nail bands like mxpx and slickshoes. my fav hip hop bands were freestyle fellowship, pharcyde, the wu and redman

what do you think of Big Smile Magazine?
I love Big Smile Magazine. I love anything that is created by kids who love music. I hope the best for Big Smile Magazine. There is nothing sweeter then seeing someone from the underground blow up.

awesome, i think That's it for me, is their anything that i didn't cover that you would like in your interview?
i just wanted to tell all the viewers to keep an eye out for "The Brotherhood". The Brotherhood is a collaboration of a few local bands that network together in effort to create our own scene for kids who love music with no boundaries...

awesome, thanks man
thank you!



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