The Histrioniks - Thin

Written by Mary Dean

Posted Feb 20, 2009, by Mary Dean.


Genre: Alternative;
Sometimes I wonder to myself: where did good music go?

Let me explain myself. I am talking about music that makes me close my eyes & I feel each note flow smoothly through my body. Music with lyrics that really reach out to me. I am also talking about music that's not just a copy of what another musician has already created.

Well, my friends, I want to introduce you all to a band that meets all those expectations: THE HISTRIONIKS.

They are a pure rock rock band who sing about subjects from "love" to "self discovery." This album supplies 12 tracks that are diff from the other one. Each song is different. Each song tells a totally different story. The music is mellow, but not to the point where the listener falls asleep. One can't help but tap their feet or move their body to the rhythm. They have a Velvet Underground 1960's rock vibe with a pinch of Debbie Harry, minus the disco inspiration. For fan of great music, you'll be addicted. This CD is a must listen to for real music fan everywhere.

Go ahead. Take a break. Sit back. Let the music flow right through you.

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