Eudora - The Silent Years

Written by Josh Snider

Posted Jun 9, 2008, by Josh Snider.

It has been two years since Eudora's last album "And It Rained Machines" that still is today one of my favorite albums when I want to hear some classic screamo/pop punk. This new album is a little different. Like every band, you should progress on each next album. Sometimes a change in the music is a progression, and in Eudora's case it is! Since the last album the band has gone through two drummers and Brandon Ball (ex: Hemingway) has taken place as lead vocalist. I first saw Brandon play with Eudora Summer of '07 at Vans Warped Tour (in Pomona). In my opinion, Brandon has become a great addition to the band. This album has a few songs that are all a little bit different, ranging from their Screamo roots, to acoustic, and even rock/pop-punk. This album reminds me of No One Goes Home, National Product, Over It, Plain White T's, and Cartel. If you like the sounds of Sherwood, Quiet Drive, A Static Lullaby, Desole, Waking Ashland, Bleed the Dream, A Thorn For Every Heart, The Transit War, So They Say, Greeley Estates, Meg and Dia, Halifax, Faulter, The Classic Crime, Mikoto, Cute Is What We Aim For, Four Letter Lie, Tokyo Rose, and/or Death by Stereo I think you will really enjoy this album. This is my favorite album so far to come out for this summer of '08.

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