Cleen - Winter

Written by Josh Snider

Posted May 28, 2007, by Josh Snider.

16 Tracks and 999 of Cleen's songs are about hip hop, the last one is 'She Came with the Frame' which is a song explaining how a 30 year old white rapper can't find himself a Bonney to his Clyde. So he goes to target and looks down the picture frame isle for a face that is just the one he can see himself with. Cleen starts 'WINTER' with what seems to be the intro from his last album. He steps in and stops the beat and turns it into 'Heart Full Of Misery.' Cleen lyrically flows like a fountian, with metiphors better for you than vitimans, "even tho your attention span is shorter than gerry coleman, all im hopin' is that you just listen man." The next song starts with a folk feel to it, a voice is saying "The high sole finds the highway, and the low sole finds the low" and Cleen speaks of how he meets this 'Fork In The Road' that if you do get offered a deal, than you got to decide which way you'll go, because the lifestyle sure it tempting, but to get it you gotta sell your sole. This next song is my favorite on the album up with she came with the frame. This is somewhat of a remake of Walking Contridiction by another artist. The next song has more of a poppy club beat but as explained, he's doing it so the ones that don't normally listen to lyrics will hopfuly hear it. The next song he gives some nice past time memories. He goes on to talk about doing drugs, and how he won't go out like the ones before him. He than goes into a story going back and forth with Ofcelfe, and it kinda roles into the next song turtleshell backpack. Than old man winter sits down to share a story about hip hop and the industry today, when old many winter sits on his rocking chair "GATHER AROUND!" The last five songs clean goes from battle raps, being a rapper in lancaster, he questions the news and insperations for his own lyrics, and how most of america takes sleeping pills because the things we do should keep us up everynight. He goes to shows to keep himself going, because if you don't go to your favorite rappers show, he may get shot, and his last show was really his last show. Cleen falls asleep on the road and leads into the next song of how he needs to down a red bull to make it home at night. So bad for you, but the only thing that works. He understands he may not make it to age sixty so this album marks his midlife-crisis. Closing the album with a song that connects him closer to his fans. If you like underground hip-hop or rap, I have been listening to this album for a week a couple times a day, I sing along, and tap my feet. Check out Cleen on myspace, and take a listen for yourself. Buy an album if you feel like supporting an artist that sounds good, his flow is clean, and he's unsigned, so that meens your money isin't going into some 'suit' pocket.



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