Another Day Late - Ambers and Embers

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted May 6, 2007, by Big Hoss.

Ambers and Embers came out last year in 2006 and it was recorded at pyramid sound studios in NY it was produced by Mike parker and Alex Perialas and mixed and mastered by Alex Perialas. Iv listened to this cd so many times now and it never gets old. There unique sound makes there music for pretty much every one because when you listen to there music you can hear a little bit of metal and a little bit of punk they pretty much cover a wide area of genres in there music and that’s why I think there music is so great. I was just recently at one of their shows and I can truly say that they sound the same if not better then they do on cd when they play live. This cd is also there first full-length featuring 11 tracks

1.cue the soundtrack

2.expletives and sentiments

3.speed of ascension


5.the lead is on

6.landing and leavening


8.footprints on the red carpet

9.mega man

10.this may to the right

If the cd you are going to buy is Another Day Late’s full-length then your making a great choice because this cd totally rocks and you wont be disappointed. You can get it at one of their shows or you can buy it on their online merch store at if I had to rate this cd id give it a 5/5 so pick it up!



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