The Taliesin At The Wire October 7, 2007

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Oct 7, 2007, by Victoria.


A friend of mine told me some good things about a band called The Taliesin, so Matthew and I decided to check them out. I heard they were playing at a venue called The Wire in Upland; CA. We drove the half hour to The Wire, which turned out to be a really nice venue/ art gallery. As we walked in I couldn’t help but notice all the very interesting art pieces hanging along the walls of The Wire. We got there just as The Taliesin was setting up. Matthew and I settled in a spot near the front. Not long after did The Taliesin begin their set. Immediately, I could tell I wasn’t going to be disappointed. They started off strong and very energetic. Personally, I really liked their style. In a time of hardcore and screamo, it was vastly refreshing to hear some diversity in music. Not only did The Taliesin have a very distinctive sound, their very complex guitar riffs, catchy bass lines and appealing drum beats were very enjoyable to listen to. Just as I knew, I was not disappointed. I would very much like to see The Taliesin again and I recommend that you check them out. Check out The Taliesin at

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