La Fraction- The Shop, Pittsburgh PA, 7/3

Written by 2pac40oz

Hailing from France, La Fraction were a long way from home at this show, but you wouldn’t have known it based on the size or enthusiasm of the audience. Known for their fast, driving punk rock sound, La Fraction put on a rowdy, enthusiastic show that I was glad fell the day before a holiday. Singer Magali’s spitting vocals were in French, but we all knew just what to do when the band started playing- have a great time and mess stuff up! Nearly 100 people packed the tiny, DIY venue- making it approximately 10,000 degrees in humid Pittsburgh’s July- but even that couldn’t put a damper on excitement and great spirits. La Fraction’s live show was noisy and just a little dissonant, exactly how punk should be. If you’re lucky enough to catch them in your city I highly recommend that you go, this band is not to be missed.

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