Alesana, Mayday Parade & A Heartwell Ending

Written by Big Smile Staff

Alesana, Mayday Parade & A Heartwell Ending @ Chain Reaction
Posted Sep 18, 2007, by tim :).

Jonzetta and Dance Gavin Dance did not play as planned due to illness in both bands. I arrived to see the lineup lsit to only be 3 bands: A Heartwell Ending, Mayday Parade and Alesana. I was quite disapointed because I really wanted to see Dance Gavin Dance play but, I was pleasantly surprised to see the fill-in band, A Heartwell Ending play a very good set. It's safe to say that they deffently impressed the energic crowd at Anaheim's Chain Reaction. It may have took a few songs to get the sound insync but once everyone got on the same page they blew me away even throwing in some hard screaming and even breaking down some rap lyrics while guitarist Stew fixed his amp. A Heartwell Ending impressed me to the max and I will be going to there headlining show at Chain December 20th and I suggest you be there!

Up next was was Tallahassee Florida's own Mayday Parade. They played a short but very enegric set with popular hits Walk on Water or Drown, Three Cheers for Five Years, and ending the set with the famous When I Get Home You're So Dead there new album A Lesson In Romantics. It will not be long before Mayday Parade is headlining nearly every show they play! A band you will love to hear and will be a band you hear alot of!

Alesana was last to play. As the headlining band they played a few more songs then Mayday Parade and A Heartwell Ending. I believe must people that hadn't heard of Alesana were a little shocked they played a tour with Mayday Parade. Many of the younger crowd that was there for Mayday Parade were surprised to see a hard grindcore band ending the night. But, they were very good and had the crowd moshing. I suggest anyone thats into screamo and grindcore type music that they should deffently check them out!

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