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Written by Josh Snider

Posted Jul 15, 2011, by Josh Snider.

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Hi Aerias, I am diggin your new single and I can't wait to keep listening to your music.

1) I love underground hip hop and it seems like you have a lot of drive and self motivation, were you always like that was or was it something that has grown with your music?

Its a bit of both actually. I was always self-motivated but what kept me motivated and taught me new levels of motivation was the chase of the dream. Constant working, planning and executing breeds an energy in you to keep going. Its like you become your own hustle factory running on your own energy and creativity but it did help that I already told myself I wouldn't let myself fail. You have to go into it driven or you'll just get driven crazy.

2) Everyone has bad days, but what keeps you going... keeps you motivated?

I remember WHY I'm doing this. Some people don't have a "mission statement" but I do. When I cant go on, I do 2 things: 1). I remind myself everything I've overcome to get to this point and how anti-climactic and anti-legendary it would be to quit. If you see the finish line in the can't go back. Defeats the purpose of the race! 2.) I remind myself that as an artist, I have a responsibility to my fans. I don't care if I have 3,000,000 fans or 3 fans. If they turn to me and my music for inspiration, self-realization, entertainment or just an escape from a mundane day, then I have to remember I'm an example, a beacon of Hope and an entertainer. Responsibility to those who believe in you is ALWAYS good motivation.

3) What would you say if you could meet yourself as a 10-year-old kid?

"I hope you're ready to work hard. Get a guitar now and start rapping more. Make friends with musically inclined people and get smarter for the people that need you. Listen, musics gonna change and you're gonna have to change with it. Don't run from pain, its whats gonna make you a great writer for your music. So be daring and practice A LOT now. Make sure you wear your heart on your sleeve. Blogs, magazines and interviewers don't want a mystery man, then want a guy with a crazy story and colorful wit, so don't ever shut up. Now, I gotta head back to the future, I have to accept our Grammy." Haha.

4) What single artist has influenced your music the most?

There's really no ONE artist but the artists, if I have to pick, would be Kanye West. he inspired me beyond anything as far as humans go.

5) What artist would you go on tour with right now? (dead or alive)

Oooh! Alive, I'd wanna go on tour with rock bands and open as a Hip Hop act. I'd love to open for Green Day, Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, Red Hot Chili Peppers and such just cause the rock crowds so wild! As far as Hip Hop, I'd wanna go on tour with Jay-Z, Nas, Drake or Lil Wayne. Those guys are showman. I love opening for people with awesome stage presence.

Dead: Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Ramones, Jim Croce, Johnny Cash, Guru from Gangstarr, Tupac & Biggie (Of course) and I would've loved to open for Big Pun and Easy-E. Man...I could go on forever!

6) Who is in the scene that doesn't get much respect, but is on the rise?

ATMOSPHERE & IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE! I followed their careers in the underground Hip Hop scene for a long time and I feel like those artists are WAAAYYYY overdue! Don't get me wrong, their popular and have huge followings but I feel like they should be on the radio nationwide and all that. They're amazing live and on record. Art, fire, passion, wit, depth sound and talent. The epitome or artistry in my eyes.

7) One single act of kindness can go along way, what things do you do on the daily that set you apart?

I don't just do this for me. I do this for people everywhere. People need Hope and music is a HUGE medium that people turn to when they're sad, mad, bored, happy, alone, sexual, uninspired, inspired, lost and found. I keep this mind and try to make music FOR people, not just myself. If I live selflessly, I'll learn that there's more to the universe than me and my ego. That if I can help someone through music, that emotion will ripple to the people around them. We're on this planet together. Let;s not forget we're not alone.

8) How did it all start? Where you in front of a mirror, at a party? What made you want to record and start rapping for people to hear you?

I was in my room, writing and listening to music and thought to myself, "This feeling is amazing. Imagine performing this song to millions. The euphoria of knowing people like something you made and you like performing it. Thats Heaven on Earth...THAT'S Nirvana." I loved performing, I've always like being in front of people. And I'm a character. I do stupid stuff to get a rise and laugh out of people. Ever since I knew I could do that...I decided I never wanted to stop!

9) As the last member of the Chicago Tribe and for those of us that don't know, about the tribe... who was in it and where have they gone?

Well, I'm the last EMCEE in Chicago Tribe. My crew is still alive and kicking and is a household name in the U.S.A. bboy scene especially in Chicago. Chicago Tribe use to have lots members from all elements of Hip Hop. We had Graffiti artists/Bombers, Bboys (Breakdancers), Djs and emcees (rappers). Some got famous (Rhymefest, Dj Spryte, Konee Rok, Bboy Check-It) and some just went their own way. Lots are still around but the only element left are the bboys.....and me. Haha. Im the last emcee in Chicago Tribe so I'm one rapper representing a crew of Bboys now. So the pressures on. But they support me a lot.

10) What was it was like growing up in Chicago?

I couldn't have grown up in a better city. This city taught me everything and had most of my influences are from here (Lupe Fiasco, Common, Kanye West, Twista, Fall Out Boy and R. Kelly). Musically I learned all my skills from here. Jazz, House music, rock/punk, Hip Hop/Rap. We had it all. We're the 2nd City. Chicago taught me how to hustle in a city of hustlers, how to dream bigger than any dreamer in a city of dreamers and how to keep Love alive in a city of lots of haters. From streetfights, to battle rapping on corners for money. To living in the burbs AND the city. I'm as Chicago as it gets. My cities roots are irreplacable and I intend to be the same way.

11) Do have anything you would like to say to people reading this interview?

Yes. First off, thanks for reading the interview. I hope I sounded deep and cool at the same time haha. But really. I also want to thank Big Smile Magazine for giving me an interview and also a, well...Big smile! Haha. I'm very honored to be blessed with an interview in your magazine! I also wanna encourage those who took the time to read the article to check out my music and my adventures on My website has my social network links, shows, beliefs and bad decisions all archived haha. If you like my music, spread the word, that goes for everyone. Fans are key, so be a key fan. Other than that, thank you to all who read the article! Stay tuned for more Aerias!

Thanks again for your time, I appreciate it.



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