A-F Records - Volume 4 of Anti-Flag's “20 Years of Hell"

Written by Jonny Havoc

A-F Records Announce One If By Land For Volume 4 of Anti-Flag's “20 Years of Hell” Split 7-inch Series / Anti Flag's "The WTO Kills Farmers" Re-Recording Premiere On PureVolume

Anti-Flag and A-F Records are stoked to announce that Vol. 4 of the "20 Years Of Hell" Split 7-inch series is with Meadville, PA's One If By Land. Vol. 4 features two re-recorded and re-envisioned Anti-Flag tracks as well as two tracks from One If By Land. You can stream the re-recording of "The WTO Kills Farmers" exclusively on PureVolume. The song originally appeared on Anti-Flag's 2006 LP, For Blood And Empire. You can also check out One If By Land's debut full-length, In The Fire Of My Youth, on Bandcamp.

2013 marked the 20th year of Anti-Flag and also the beginning of a new chapter in the history of A-F Records. To commemorate this, the label/band announced the “20 Years of Hell” 7” vinyl/online subscription series. These special one of a kind records are hand numbered, have screened die cut covers, and are limited to 500.

Track Listing

Side A - Anti-Flag

1. The WTO Kills Farmers (Re-recorded)
2. No Future (Re-recorded)

Side B - One If By Land

1. Handouts
2. With Integrity

Volume 1 (World's Scariest Police Chases), Volume 2 (All Dinosaurs) and Volume 3 (Worship This!) are also available. The 7” Series can be purchased via the Anti-Flag Online Store. You can view a video detailing the 7-inch subscription series and what all it entails HERE and the series is outlined in more detail below.

"20 Years of Hell" Split 7-Inch Series

SIDE A: Anti-Flag will be handpicking and re-recording new versions of 1 song from each of their 11 full-length releases as well as recording a brand new unreleased track that will appear on the final volume of the series:

• VOLUME 1: “Die for the Government” and “Their System Doesn’t Work for You”
• VOLUME 2: “New Kind of Army” and “Underground Network”
• VOLUME 3: “Mobilize” and “The Terror State”
• VOLUME 4: “For Blood and Empire” and “A Benefit For The Victims Of Violent Crime”
• VOLUME 5: “The Bright Lights Of America” and “The People Or The Gun”
• VOLUME 6: “The General Strike” and a NEW UNRELEASED TRACK

SIDE B: Keeping with Anti-Flag’s commitment to the punk community and efforts to help other musicians have a voice, the B side of each volume will showcase 2 songs from 6 new bands (one band per volume.) These bands will be announced as the series progresses throughout the year.

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